Small and Big Bites

Small Bites

(may be displayed or passed for your guests enjoyment)

Southwest Corn Fritter
crema, chili spice

White Cheddar Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bite

Seasonal Roasted Vegetable Tart
herb-brown butter

Mini Beef Pot Pie

Deviled Egg
bacon marmalade, toast point

Blackened Chicken Flatbread
blackened chicken, monterrey jack cheese, cajun tomato sauce, arugula

Pork Pincho
marinated grilled country rib, baguette, bamboo skewer

Blackened Crawfish Cake
cajun remoulade

Short Rib Skewer
slow-cooked boneless shortrib, orange-chipotle glaze, bamboo skewer

Pork Nacho
pulled pork, house pickled jalapeno, queso

Pecan-Smoked Chicken Salad Phyllo Cup
smoked chicken salad, pecan, grape, phyllo cup

‘blt’ flatbread
applewood bacon, roasted garlic aioli, grape tomato, arugula

‘baja style’ shrimp shots
slow-poached shrimp, orange-clamato sauce, pico di gallo, cilantro

bbq beef meatball
elgin style beef meatball, shiner bock bbq sauce

smoked salmon in cucumber
cream cheese, creme fraiche, red onion, caper, dill

big bites

(may be displayed or passed for your guests enjoyment)

Beef Pot roast Slider
braised beef cheek, caramelized onion, texas goat cheese, arugula

Loaded Tater tots
housemade tater tots, applewood bacon, green onion, cilantro, crema, queso fresco, pepper sauce

‘texas style’ lobster roll
lobster claw salad, mango-jalapeno slaw, cilantro, hawaiian roll

‘Texas caviar’ tostado
texas caviar, spicy bbq sauce, cilantro crema, blue corn tostado

fried chicken buttermilk biscuit slider
citrus-jalapeno jelly, honey butter

Pulled Pork Slider
slow-roasted pulled pork, spicy bbq sauce, shredded cabbage, pickled red onion, split top bun

Blackened Tuna Tostado
crema, cilantro, pico di gallo, blue corn tostado

Twice Baked New potato
green onion, cheddar cheese, crema

Dips and Spreads
(displayed for guests enjoyment)

Caramelized onion dip w/ vegetable crudité

Roasted Poblano ‘Texas’ spinach dip w/ housemade pita chips

Breads & Spreads
assorted breads, chipotle-roasted garlic butter, herb infused olive oil, charred poblano-cilantro cream cheese spread, bacon white bean spread

White Queso w/ housemade salsa and tortilla chips

Applewood bacon-roasted garlic white bean dip w/ crostini

On Display

Seasonal Fruit Display

Domestic Cheese and Seasonal Fruit Display
served with entertainment crackers

Charcuterie, Domestic and International Cheeses, Seasonal Fruit Display
served with entertainment crackers

Slow-Poached Shrimp Cocktail
served over a bed of ice and romaine, with lemon wedges, pepper sauce, tequila-lime cocktail sauce

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